¡Gira, Corazón! – New show


January 13th, 14th, 15th and 16th, 2022
Madrid, Teatros del Canal

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Carmen Cortés

“I grew up in a decontextualized environment, with a traditional Andalusian family in a vibrant Catalonia, fighting a cultural and avant-garde struggle. My living room was a continuous stage where I received my initial training for an artistic expression that would not take long to develop.

Without thinking and premeditation, I arrived in Madrid. After a few years of comings and goings between different countries and stages, I can say that my artistic life was forged in this capital city. 

Madrid: adopted homeland of the most brilliant and traditional flamenco of all time.

The dance and the performing arts movement of the last 80 years, my passion and my youth, like that of a corps de ballet, extracted from the student body of Amor de Dios, encouraged me to move my game in the studio to the stage, and so my company was born…”

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